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Corporate Information

Corporate Headquarters

    43/1 Main Street
      Gibraltar UK
    Phones: +350.20059995, +44 (0) 207 993 4293
    FAX: +350.20059059,   +44.207.504.3593

Board of Directors

    Rodney T. Cox, Ph.D. rtc @avtometals.gi
    Isaiah W. Cox, A.B. isaiah @avtometals.gi
    Wayne S. Marshall, Ph.D. wsm @avtometals.gi
    Ing. Jan Váňa jv @avtometals.gi
    Peter Vanderwicken, A.B. peterv @avtometals.gi
    Rodney T. Cox, Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board
    Isaiah W. Cox, President/Chief Operating Officer
    Mark Radom,  Secretary
    James Magdych, Chief Information Officer
Public Relations Auditors
    Moore Stephens
    Suite 5 Watergardens 4
Avto Metals plc Stock Trading
    Avto Metals plc shares are not yet publicly traded in the United States over-the-counter market under the Symbol: AMTPF.
    CUSIP # X0269H 10 2
Registrar and Transfer Agent
    OTR, Inc.
    Securities Transfer Agent & Registrar
    Phone: +1.503.225.0375
    Fax: +1.503.273.9168
    Robert E. Roach, Manager, BobR@OTRtransfer.com
    Gibraltar Company Number 92964
    6 October 2004

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